Google Adwords Consultant Toronto

Amongst the flavour dispersed with Search Engine Optimization Companies in Toronto requires top-notch Google Adwords Management. Consultants must be aware of the pitfalls of poor CTR, CPC, Conversion Rate and overall value received based on ROI. Colin Bhimsen Top Google Adwords Consultant in Toronto provides unmatched solutions achieving highest CTR’s for your businesses. Understanding SEM- Google Adwords means understanding SEO. Shame on companies who promote SEM without Search Engine Optimization knowledge. As a Google Adwords Consultant in Toronto knowledge must exist with:

  1. Pay-per-click advertising costs
  2. Conversion rates
  3. Click-through-rates
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Keyword targeting
  6. Manual bidding
  7. Landing Page Optimization

Forget the companies that milk you for your Search Engine Marketing Management dollar.  They simply play around at the computer with the highest bid in anticipation that nobody will click.  Once the budget is blown, they pass on the bill to your company in Toronto.  In our opinion ‘shady’ Google Adwords Consultants offering lousy business.  We promote positive success & trigger the path for PROFIT!  Trust experience, trust education in E-Commerce, trust Toronto’s SEO Guru: Colin Bhimsen.

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